Serial Number Plates


  • Serial Number Plates suitable for Tyres(General)
    • Passengers Tyres (Scooter/Motor Cycle/LMV etc.) Bias
    • Passenger Tyres (Scooter/Motor Cycle/LMV etc.) Radial (PCR)
    • ADV (Animal Driven Vehicle) And Farm Tyres.
    • LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) Bias.
    • LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) Radial.
    • Truck Tyres (Bias)
    • Truck Tyres (Truck / Bus Radial – TBR)
    • Tractor Tyres
    • OTR (Off the Road Tyres)
  • DOT Number Plates suitable for Tyres (Special)
  • Week Code Number Plates for Tyres
  • Number Plates for Bladders & Air Bags

Quality Control :

  • The Raw Material used to manufacture Tyre Serials are high quality Tin Plates imported from European Continents & are not of Chinese Origin. Such Plates are non – rusting and have very good tensile strength for legible embossed impressions.
  • Tooling :Tools used to manufacture the serial number plates are precise, accurate & are made after extensive R & D and planning to increase their working life.
  • The Manufacturing Process is quality oriented which includes high quality embossing to ensure permanent impression on tyres.
  • Checking : A through checking is done at our works, on each & every serial number plate to ensure perfection for the end users.